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Oh, Brother!

At a race car test-track, the team must draw on all its skills to capture and return a lethal carnivore from the future. A Megopteran, a giant carnivorous insect, is on the loose. The team is in hot pursuit, though unaware that two creatures actually traversed the anomaly.

At Abby‘s flat, her brother Jack, intent on uncovering the truth about her job, steals her hand-held detector. It leads him straight to trouble, as the second Megopteran attacks him at the test-track. Surprised and terrified, Jack takes refuge in a gleaming Lotus… and inadvertently drives it straight through the anomaly.

The team sets out on a rescue mission, and Danny, Abby, Connor and Becker enter the anomaly. On the other side, they find perilous world filled with future predators. The chances of finding Jack—and returning alive—seem slim.