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Haunted House

Three teenage boys break into a supposedly haunted house, when a terrifying creature attacks them. In the aftermath, the only survivor is arrested for murder… but is never convicted. Years later, the hapless young man is free, but still too tormented to confront what really happened.

Coincidentally—or not—Cutter predicts that the next anomaly will open in this same “haunted house.” Jenny, Connor and Abby investigate, only to come face-to-face with a terrifying creature: a camouflaging shape-shifter that makes itself practically invisible.

Creatures are not the team’s only challenge. Suspicious detective Danny Quinn instantly suspects their interest in the house, and after two strikes, Connor finds himself in jail.

As the team continues to track down the elusive creature, we discover Danny’s true motivation: His brother was one of the boys who had disappeared. During his quest for the truth, Danny courageously helps the team.