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Crocodile Fears

When an exhibition of ancient Egyptian relics comes to London’s British Museum, an anomaly opens in a mysterious monument called the Sun Cage. A creature emerges from it: a Pristichampsus, a kind of monstrous crocodile that can run on two legs. This creature, which comes from a past much more distant than the Egypt of the Pharaohs, somehow became worshipped as a God in that civilization, and is now portrayed in the Sun Cage’s hieroglyphics.

The murderous creature wreaks havoc in the museum before escaping into the city. With the help of Sarah Page, the smart and surprisingly sexy archaeologist at the museum, Cutter and the team (Abby, Connor and their new Head of Security, Captain Becker) track it down and eventually defeat it—though not before Connor begins to believe in a legendary curse attached to the monument. He convinces himself he is next in line for the crocodile God’s revenge.

Ultimately, the team safely deposits Pristichampsus back into the past, where it retains its place in Egyptian mythology. But the anomaly is permanently contained within the Sun Cage—so when the exhibition moves on, so too does the “curse.” At the end of the episode, Cutter asks Sarah to join the team and research mythical beasts that could, in fact, be creatures out of time and place.