Episode 1

Crocodile Fears

Learn more about Season 3, Episode 1 of BBC America’s series Primeval.

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Episode 2

Haunted House

Learn more about Season 3, Episode 2 of BBC America’s series Primeval.

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Episode 3

Medical Mayhem

Several deceptively cute burrowing creatures court disaster at a local hospital.

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Episode 4

A Gigantic Problem

An anomaly opens up in an airport hangar… and it brings the team face-to-face with its largest challenge yet.

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Episode 5

Future Epidemic

A transient anomaly opens, and an assistant wanders through, bringing back a deadly flesh-eating fungus.

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Episode 6

For the Birds

Lester’s rival, Christine Johnson, and a small military force invade the ARC in search of a mysterious artifact.

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Episode 7

Dragon Tales

The team’s attempts to force a stubborn, wounded Dracorex back through an anomaly are foiled as a medieval knight charges into the present, chasing what he thinks is a dragon.

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Episode 8

Oh, Brother!

At a racecar test-track, the team must draw on all its skills to capture and return a lethal carnivore from the future.

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Episode 9

Herd Logic

A herd of massive Eocene beasts comes through an anomaly at an off-road motor course. The team arrives, but these giants do not budge easily.

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Episode 10

The Chase Continues

Helen devises a radical plan to halt the destruction of life on Earth, and the ARC team must stop her at all costs.

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