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Concrete Menagerie

Rex manages to escape and flies up through the tunnels to hide in the ventilation system. Leek leads the captured team into a completely refurbished part of the complex, where they discover a saber-tooth, giant scorpions and even a raptor in separate cages.

Caroline wants no part of killing people, and Leek throws her in with the team—in the same cell with Connor and Abby. Caroline and Abby come to blows as Connor realizes his “girlfriend” had deceived him.

Leek, meanwhile, tells Lester that he has released a giant scorpion and plans to release several other predators. Cutter tries to understand Leek’s motivations, but Leek insists that someone else who can explain things more clearly: Helen. For Leek, it’s about power, and for Helen—just a means to conduct her research.

Leek proceeds to toss the team into a spare cage with a saber-tooth cat, and they barely escape. The rest of Leek’s creatures run amok through the compound, as the containment system breaks down.

Realizing that Stephen has defected to Helen’s side, Cutter begs him not to trust her. In the end, Stephen sacrifices himself to save the team.