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Traitor Revealed

During his adventure in the Silurian, Cutter discovered conclusive evidence that someone has been following the team. Having long suspected that someone on the team has a hidden agenda, he narrows his sights to Jenny or Lester.

Stephen encounters a very unwelcome guest: Helen. Swearing him to secrecy, she asks for his help with an important project. Stephen is suspicious and reluctant, but Helen gradually wins him over.

Dealing with a confused and angry mammoth requires every ounce of Cutter’s ingenuity, but when the anomaly closes, there’s an even greater problem: How do you hide a mammoth? Why, in a freight truck, of course!

Stephen finally turns up, too late to be any real help. And to make matters worse, he has brought Helen with him. Cutter refuses to talk to either of them, instead he is determined to track down the enemy within.

After Connor discovers that someone has sabotaged the anomaly detector, Cutter set a trap, letting only Connor, Stephen, and Abby in on his plan. Jenny falls right in. She claims innocence, but Cutter remains skeptical. When Jenny claims to have received an anonymous text, we discover that Leek has set her up. Not only that, Leek has set a Future Predator loose at the ARC—and has somehow programmed it to track down and kill Lester. After a harrowing chase Lester manages to kill the predator.

Leek once again manages to capture the team…