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Silurian Sands

Taylor, an 11-year-old girl, and her dog are sent to get fish and chips, but she gets more than soggy batter when she sees an anomaly in a nearby alley. She enters it and finds a whole new world of rocky terrain, desert and twinkling stars. Her wonderment quickly turns to horror when the sand rises up like a monster and chases her dog. The terrified little girl screams.

Meanwhile, things in our world seem pretty quiet. Leek is alone at headquarters, and the gang enjoys a night off. That is, until the detector alerts them to the new anomaly. By the time the team reaches headquarters, however, the detector has crashed—leaving no sign of the anomaly … or Leek. Cutter suspects foul play, but there’s no time for conspiracy theories. They must get the detector working.

As Cutter waits impatiently for Connor to fix the machine, Leek is at the anomaly site, instructing heavily armed mercenaries to carry out a secret mission. The men pass through the anomaly to see Taylor waving frantically at them. They ignore her, but Taylor isn’t asking for help: She’s trying to warn them. And she’s too late. The men’s screams and gunfire echo in the darkness until the desert swallows them, leaving nothing but their scattered weapons and a deathly silence.

The team sends a remote vehicle through the anomaly. From the dunes and oxygen content in the air, Cutter guesses that this is the Silurian Period, about 400 million years ago. Cutter and Stephen go through to save the girl, who has seen huge shapes moving beneath the sand. These huge shapes turn out to be giant scorpions. It’s a close call, but they go “sand sledding” to safety.