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Underwater Menace

After news of a “killer shark” attack on a party boat, the ARC team is on the case. But a grisly discovery during the autopsy suggests that the creature was not a prehistoric foe. With a giant proboscis that shoots from its jaws to trap its prey — an unusual evolutionary development — it is from the future.

On the other side of the city, a group of teenagers plays basketball near a flooded drain. When one of the boys wanders too close, something snatches and drags him below ground. At the scene, Cutter discovers the drain leads directly to the canal where the boat had been moored.

Cutter and the team pursue the creature back towards the canal only for it to disappear without trace. With no sign of any anomaly, Cutter is at a loss. Could they be looking for a second, entirely different creature?

The team hatches a plan to lure the creature back. It works a little too well: A beast jumps out of the water and drags Abby underwater. After a futile search, the team concludes that she is dead.

At a flooded warehouse, Connor is overjoyed to find Abby still alive. This excitement is short-lived when a Mer-creature attacks. Stephen arrives just in time to swing the battle in Cutter’s favor… but Abby has been pushed through an anomaly. Millions of years into the future, the creatures surround her, like a hideous band of aquatic stormtroopers. Connor comes through the anomaly… but is he too late?