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On a paintball field at a luxurious resort, something with a deep, low growl prowls through the undergrowth. A young man is torn to shreds, his screams echoing through the wilderness.

Connor and Cutter show off their anomaly detector to a less-than-impressed Lester and Leek. And as report of a creature attack comes in, the detector shows no sign of an anomaly. Puzzled by the device’s apparent failure, Cutter has no time to speculate.

Police have cordoned off the woods along the resort’s perimeter of the resort. Cutter and the nervous resort deputy manager, Valerie, insist that the park should be evacuated, but Jenny refuses—it would draw too much press attention.

As the team searches the grounds, the park’s unfortunate mascot is attacked and ripped apart. Stephen rushes to the scene and sees the animal: some kind of large cat. After a witness posts pictures of the attack on the internet, Cutter realizes the mystery creature is a Smilodon, or saber-tooth cat.

But where on earth are these creatures coming from? Are they an evolutionary throwback? Or perhaps experimental hybrids? As the Cutter and company follow the Scutosaurus, the creature inadvertently leads the team to the answer: A shimmering distortion in the air, into which the Scut completely disappears.

While setting traps for the Smilodon, they discover a mutilated body in a shallow grave. After a close call with the cat, Cutter finds a photograph in the buried man’s wallet. He realizes that the cat had traversed the anomaly as a cub and became stranded—which explains why it didn’t register on the detector. He also knows who has been hiding the beast…