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Mealworms, Indeed

A new PR guru, Jenny Lewis, joins the ARC team. Sharp, cynical, and witty, she almost immediately develops a sparky and adversarial relationship with Cutter. Oddly, she looks every inch like Claudia Brown… but has no knowledge of her doppelgänger.

Meanwhile, a beautiful young woman hits on Connor in a video store. Poised, well connected and effortlessly sexy, Caroline is everything Connor is not. But right from the start, Abby has a bad feeling about Caroline…

Back in the city, a gleaming new skyscraper has quickly developed a reputation for teething problems in its electronics. So no one is surprised when smoke starts creeping out from the server room. On inspection, the janitor finds a thick layer of mist and a foul sulfurous smell—but no fire. A shadowy creature suddenly yanks him out of sight.

By the time the team arrives, fog has filled the skyscraper. Amidst the offices full of abandoned chairs and desks, they discover giant carnivorous worms. Leaping from desk to desk, they barely escape with their lives. As operations manager (reporting directly to Leek and Lester), Jenny gets her first taste of the job and nearly breaks down with horror. She recovers, showing true grit in the process… and Cutter can’t help being impressed.

Cutter has a breakthrough: The worms can’t survive outside the fog. After Connor and Abby set turning up the building’s heating in the building, no one is prepared for the effect on these deadly creatures…