Episode 1

Jurassic Mall

Cutter grapples with Claudia’s disappearance. No one believes his theory that the present has been altered, resulting in her vanishing.

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Episode 2

Mealworms, Indeed

A gleaming new skyscraper has become infested with giant, carnivorous worms.

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Episode 3


Connor and Cutter show off their anomaly detector to a less-than-impressed Lester and Leek.

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Episode 4

Underwater Menace

After news of a ‘killer shark’ attack on a party boat, the ARC team is on the case.

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Episode 5

Silurian Sands

Taylor, an 11-year-old girl, and her dog are sent to get fish and chips, but she gets more than soggy batter when she sees an anomaly in a nearby alley.

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Episode 6

Traitor Revealed

During his adventure in the Silurian, Cutter discovered conclusive evidence that someone has been following the team.

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Episode 7

Concrete Menagerie

Leek leads the captured team into a completely refurbished part of the complex, where they discover a saber-tooth, giant scorpions and even a raptor in separate cages.

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