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Future Foe

Helen returns, claiming to know the reason behind a recent spate of disappearances: a dangerous predator unlike any other. It is lightning-fast, strong, ruthless and remains virtually invisible until the moment of attack. And what’s more: it’s from the future.

Tracking this highly intelligent beast pushes the team to its limits. At its lair, they find a squirming nest of babies. The parent Predator is close behind. But this beast has never encountered an ancient Gorgonopsid before. As the most powerful creatures from past and future battle it out, the team escape back into the present.

But it’s not over yet: Helen makes a plea to save the babies, hoping that their homing instincts lead to a new anomaly. Lester agrees—if they can locate the wormhole, then he can attempt to secure it.

But first, the team must travel back to the Permian Period through the re-opened anomaly in the Forest of Dean. This is where the future predator came through, and as Cutter soon discovers, its arrival was no accident.

Though Cutter had always warned against interfering with the past, but this time they have no choice. They can’t just wait around for the anomaly to spew new horrors. Alas, their adventure into the Permian has consequences that none of them could have ever imagined…