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Pter-able News

The team discovers a murdered golfer, along with an aerial anomaly. This poses a whole host of new problems: How can you cordon off the sky?

While the team deliberates, a huge winged reptile swoops straight for Connor. But as the Special Forces aim to shoot, Cutter stops them: Something’s not right. Is the Pterosaur heading for Connor—or is it after a small lizard just yards ahead?

Determined to prevent unnecessary slaughter, Cutter pushes the gun away, much to Claudia’s frustration. The Pterosaur escapes and the identity of the small reptile is revealed. It was Rex, Abby‘s secret prehistoric pet.

Thanks to Stephen, the Pterosaur is caught and tranquilized … but not before its flailing wing knocks out Claudia. Waking up in the medical unit, Claudia is terrified to find she has temporarily lost her sight, but Cutter is there to comfort her. The predator’s been caught, and there’s nothing to fear …

Or is there? Deep in the undergrowth, Abby and Connor, searching for her lizard, come across a sinister sight. Surrounding a stripped carcass sit a pack of smaller, far more vicious Pterosaurs. Are they feasting on the bones of Abby’s beloved pet? The Pterosaurs suddenly take off … but where are they going?

Apparently, straight to the medical unit, where a savage attack nearly kills Cutter and Claudia. Cutter escapes to make a vital call, but the building goes up in flames. Did Claudia survive? Will Helen finally redeem herself? The mystery continues …