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Dodo Madness

News arrives of a creature sighting in an apartment in a housing project. Special Forces storm the building, closely followed by Cutter, Stephen, and Connor. They burst into the bathroom to find … a python. As Stephen and Abby attempt to bag the snake, Connor asks if he can stay at Abby’s house. She absentmindedly agrees.

Meanwhile, inside the Home Office, Lester and Claudia pump Helen for information. She eventually agrees to tell all to Cutter, but only ends up accusing him of betraying her. She does, however, warn that a pride of saber-tooth cats could come through a new anomaly, and she will take them to it.

At the Home Office, Cutter passes on Helen’s warning, and the teams race to the site. An anomaly floats inside the industrial fridge—indeed, Helen was right. But instead of gloating, she creates a diversion and escapes through the anomaly. When Stephen and Ryan try to chase her down, all they find is a field full of anomalies … and no sign of Helen.

Back in the present day, a flock of dodos burst through an anomaly. The team manages to catch them all and send them back through the anomaly before it fades—all that is, except one. Tom and Duncan take the dodo home, where it starts behaving erratically and bites Tom. That’s the end of the dodo.

During an autopsy on the dead bird, a parasite emerges from its beak. After some study, the team realizes that the parasite drives its host to attack others in order to pass on its spawn, and then kills the host. Unaware of the danger, Tom is feeling increasingly unwell and tries to attack Duncan …