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Helen Makes Contact

Despite Cutter’s desperate warnings, Lester remains optimistic that this “anomaly” problem will simply disappear. But the arrival of a vicious sea creature—a Mosasaur—at a local swimming pool is bad news, particularly for a pair of young lifeguards. When the boy’s regurgitated body surfaces in a nearby reservoir, Cutter realizes they’ve got another prehistoric killer on their hands.

More bad news: the newest anomaly is mobile, and it relocates to the depths of the reservoir, where a military diver disappears and another Mosasaur attacks Abby. The team works hard to find and contain the anomaly, but how do you plug a leak in time? Cutter thinks the anomaly runs along a kind of temporal fault line—but without proof, Lester is quick to dismiss his ideas.

Meanwhile, a young mother notices a small leak, which quickly turns into a basement flood. When she sends a plumber down to investigate, she has no idea that a Cretaceous Era predator lurks under the water, ready to pounce.

The anomaly in her cellar later expels the lost diver’s corpse, which also bears a message from Helen Cutter. Claudia’s suspicions are suddenly confirmed: Helen is still alive—and Cutter has known all about it. Lester delivers the ultimatum: bring her back, or you’re out.

Cutter finally comes face to face with his estranged wife. Helen tries to entice him to stay and explore her brave new world … but what is her real agenda? Cutter rejects her proposition. As he leaves to make his way back through the anomaly, a violent Mosasaur attack nearly maroons him permanently in the past. When he awakes in the present, he finds he didn’t come back alone …