Episode 1

Leapin' Lizards

Nick Cutter is an evolutionary zoologist who finds himself confronted with the subject of his studies in a way he could never have imagined.

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Episode 2

Underground Infestation

While everyone presumes the discovery of Helen’s camera—millions of years in the past—confirms her death, Cutter isn’t so sure…

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Episode 3

Helen Makes Contact

Despite Cutter’s desperate warnings, Lester remains optimistic that this ‘anomaly’ problem will simply disappear.

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Episode 4

Dodo Madness

Helen escapes through an anomaly. When Stephen and Ryan try to chase her down, all they find is a field full of anomalies … and no sign of Helen.

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Episode 5

Pter-able News

The team discovers a murdered golfer, along with an aerial anomaly. This poses a whole host of new problems: How can you cordon off the sky?

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Episode 6

Future Foe

Helen returns, claiming to know the reason behind a recent spate of disappearances: a dangerous predator unlike any other.

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