Series Episodes

Episode 1

From Pole to Pole

This episode looks at our planet as a whole and considers the key factors that have shaped its natural history.

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Episode 2


Learn more about the geological and volcanic forces that shape the land and its mountain chains.

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Episode 3

Fresh Water

See the planet’s most spectacular rivers and lakes, such as the widest continuous waterfall, the thundering Iguaçu Falls.

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Episode 4


Gain unique access to a hidden world including poisonous caves and flooded caves.

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Episode 5


‘Planet Earth’ unravels the secrets behind desert survival and reveals the ephemeral nature of this dynamic environment.

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Episode 6

Ice Worlds

Take a journey to the polar extremes of our planet, where for most of the year the Arctic and Antarctic are locked in ice.

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Episode 7

Great Plains

Follow a pride of 30 lions—one of the largest in Africa—as they attempt to hunt elephants around one of the few remaining waterholes.

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Episode 8


Beautiful floating aerial shots introduce the world’s most spectacular forest vistas.

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Episode 9

Shallow Seas

The newly discovered coral reefs in tropical Indonesia are home to fantasy-like creatures such as the head-butting pygmy seahorse.

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Episode 10

Seasonal Forests

Travel from the evergreen forests of the frozen north to the deciduous dry forests of the Equator.

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Episode 11

Ocean Deep

An oceanic whitetip shark, fast becoming a global rarity, hunts the uppermost 100 meters of the sea alone.

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