Meet the Hive: Writers & Story Department Interns

Graeme Manson needs to be cloned. As executive producer and showrunner of “Orphan Black,” there’s never enough of him to go around. Before creating “Orphan Black,” Graeme was no stranger to the genre, co-writing the Kafkaesque sci-fi horror film “Cube,” as well as hopping from cops to cowboys to comedy on TV.

Karen Walton cut her genre teeth with the original much-beloved werewolf coming-of-age movie “Ginger Snaps.” Since then, Karen has taken on of all sorts of film and television genres, with writing credits spanning from searing true-life crime sagas like “The Many Trials of One Jane Doe,” to “Queer As Folk” (USA), to prime time cop dramas and mind-reading paramedics.

Alex Levine has been through the wormhole and back on both “Stargate: SG-1″ and “Stargate: Atlantis.” A former writer on “Flashpoint” and “King,” Alex is a good guy to have around when the law shows up (in the story, that is…)

Will Pascoe‘s episode of “The Finder” involved the space shuttle, aliens, and Santa Claus. As if that wasn’t enough, Will is currently working on a documentary about little known Canadian comic-book icons titled “Lost Heroes.”

Tony Elliott is a time traveler, which explains why his fashion sense is so ahead of our time. In the past (or possibly, his future…), he worked on the science fiction web series State of Syn and the reality warping TV show “Dark Oracle.”

Chris Roberts is new to the TV writing game, but his first gig landed him exactly where he wanted to be. A fan-boy living the dream of working on a genre series, Chris is the writing room expert on all things beginning with Star, including “Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” and “Stargate.”

Billi Knight is an aspiring sci-fi and fantasy writer with a wealth of experience in online engagement, such as her work for superhero web series, Tights and Fights. An avid fan of “Stargate: Atlantis,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and “Star Trek,” Billi has her finger on the pulse of the fandom.

Peter Rowley, also from “Orphan Black”‘s digital team, has co-written on the mind-bending conspiracy series XIII. He’s an old hand both online and in genre as well, having written for the superhero web series “Tights and Fights: Ashes!” and the tongue-in-cheek afterlife comedy “The Gate.”