Paul Dierden

Paul is the late clone Beth’s boyfriend and monitor. An attractive, stoic soldier, Sarah fell into Paul’s arms (and bed) after assuming Beth’s identity. But Paul’s ever-shifting loyalties changed once he became pro-clone Rachel’s monitor and lover.  The “softer side” he’d shown Sarah stripped away to reveal a more calculating, deceptive character who is working undercover with the military. Now Paul’s true loyalties have left everyone wondering whose side he’s really on.

About Dylan Bruce

Dylan Bruce moved to Los Angeles right out of college and quickly booked an impressive resume, appearing on some of the most popular shows on television, including "The Sopranos," "CSI: NY," "Las Vegas" and "NCIS." Dylan played the lead role of Dr. Chris Hughes on the Emmy-award winning daytime drama, "As the World Turns." He recently starred in "Love’s Christmas Journey," one of the Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated made-for-television movies. He also previously starred in the mini-series "24: Conspiracy," which landed him on the cover of Daily Variety. Dylan grew up in Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle; he now lives in Los Angeles.