Felix Dawkins

Felix, everybody’s BFF, is in for a rocky ride. As Sarah’s lifelong wingman and one of the only people she trusts, he’s constantly caught in the crosshairs of her life. He often feels left behind by Sarah and forges a supportive relationship with Alison. But Felix (aka Fee) has his own life to live too. Clone troubles give way to a stream of unsavory characters, which push his loyalty to the limit and lead him to make new allegiances. But ultimately, Fee will become the glue that holds clone club together.

About Jordan Gavaris

Jordan Gavaris, starting at a young age, honed his acting skills in the theater before enrolling in a local acting studio. Six months later he found himself in the title role of his first feature film, "45 R.P.M.," written and directed by David Schultz. Jordan also appeared in the cult series "Degrassi," as well Cartoon Network’s first live-action/adventure series – "Unnatural History" – which earned him an award from Playback Magazine and The Canadian Film and Television Hall of Fame as one of the “top-ten-to-watch.” Jordan was born in Southern Ontario, Canada and now resides in Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, California.