Where to Watch: By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried


Miss the epic Orphan Black season finale? Good news – you can still catch up with the rest of #CloneClub and check out all the action. Here’s the definitive list of where to watch the latest episode, “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried.

Purchase Orphan Black online
Amazon.com Instant Video
Google Play

Find BBC America on your TV without flipping through every single channel
Station Finder: http://www.bbcamerica.com/channel-finder

Get Orphan Black On Demand
You can watch episodes of Orphan Black the day after they air with BBC America On Demand, available with:
DISH Network
Time Warner Cable
Verizon FiOS
Antietam Cable
Bear Creek
Bonita Springs
Briston Tennessee Essential Services
Conway Corporation
GCI Cable Inc.
Kuhn Communications
Summit Broadband
And more!

See Nothing? Say Something!
If BBC AMERICA On Demand is not available in your area, please contact your television service provider and tell them you’d like to receive it.

  • livvey

    I have DirecTV. For some reason, this episode isn’t showing up on Demand. I’ve checked through my DirecTV receiver and the DirecTV app. When will this episode be added? It’s been a few weeks since it first aired.

    • Shelli Bond

      Same here downloaded all other eps. to watch a second time! need the finale please!!

    • barry

      I have Verizon fios and neither episode 9 nor 10 are available on demand. Apparently BBC America prefers to make us pay iTunes or one of the others. I emailed directly and got a reply saying the email would be forwarded to appropriate person….still no response days later!

  • Lori

    Episodes 9 and 10 aren’t available On Demand on Verizon Fios. Please add these. I’m a huge fan of this show. Tatiana Manslay is brilliant.

    • kennyG

      Ditto…I asked Verizon directly and they were no help. Very frustrating…

      • Lori

        I believe all of the episodes will be removed at 11:59pm on the 12th (it says the 13th in the description but that usually means it will be gone on that date). Looks like we may have to pay for them somewhere else. This really makes me mad

  • Karen Davis Koch

    I have Verizon Fios and this episode or 9 are showing up to watch on demand, any idea when it will be added?

  • Lori

    If you have Verizon Fios episodes 9 and 10 are available today only!

  • Melissa Ann

    umm…all episodes of Orphan Black disappeared from On Demand on FiOs yesterday!! all I had left was the season finale of season 2!! what gives??