The Hive Recap: To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings


Seeestra road trip!

The Hive Writers’ Notes – Chris Roberts

Dear #CloneClub,

Episode 206 was always going to be the “road trip” episode. We wanted to put Sarah and Helena together as sisters, a relationship we’d touched on but not really explored. Of course, getting Tat on-screen with herself is always a challenge, and let’s just say that the initial draft of the script was… ambitious. This was also going to be my first produced episode of television, so I was learning the ropes as I went.

Luckily, I had a room full of experienced, genius writers to help me out, and Brett, my director, generously helped me learn the art of being a writer on set. I was amazed watching Tat build a relationship between these sisters (with the brilliant Kathryn Alexandre as her double, of course). I also got to work with Patrick J. Adams (Jessie), who’s an awesome dude on and offscreen. That slow dance with Helena still makes me misty.


Helena finds love (Patrick J. Adams) on the road.

I’m very excited about the introduction of Professor Duncan, as well. Andrew was a great fit, and I think Duncan really clicked as a character once he came on board. I remember our early, first-season planning sessions, and it was great to be able to answer some of the “Big Questions.” It’s always a challenge deciding how many clues to the larger mystery we should give Sarah, and how much we should hold back, but I think after everything she’s been through, Sarah deserves some real answers. The question is, what’s she going to do with them?


Actor Andrew Gilles makes his debut as Professor Ethan Duncan.

This episode will always be very special to me, not only because it was my first TV episode, but because I became a dad during production. My wife was a week overdue, and I was so nervous at the end that I was running out of my own read-throughs to answer the phone, in case it was The Call. Finally, on the third day of production, while Helena belted out “Sugar, Sugar,” I indeed got The Call. Production rushed me to the hospital, where my wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I’m sure he’ll be a fan.

Thanks for watching!

Chris Roberts

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  • Cophine

    i do not approve of the fight preview with Cosima and Delphine. We want more romantic seasons and less drama.

    • DuckieDuckRawr

      Please do not use the word “we” like you speak for everyone. I check the Cophine tag daily (and spent a lot of time on other OB/Cophine areas) and you do definitely not represent all or even a handful. Most know it is a tv show and that includes drama. Happy moments are good, because it reminds us of why we should cheer for a certain relationship, but drama provides excellent chances of character exploration. What I seen is that people are very happy for stuff to finally go down with Cophine. So far a lot of focus have been on Sarah and Helena. Cosima’s SL been one of the more slower moving ones, so definitely looking forward for stuff to start moving, and also for the Cophine relationship to air some stuff out/finally address shit.

      .Also the whole demanding thing? Just please don’t. The Cophine fandom and well the entire CloneClub fandom is THE nicest fandom I’ve been in, and I’ve been in many. One of the really awesome things is the positivity people have, and also trust in the people making the show. This isn’t Glee, where the Showrunner blantly shit talks certain fan groups and writes in meta lesbo-phobic insults directed at them on the show.

      Would like to say that you guys (The OB cast and crew) have been FANTASTIC towards fans and really is the standard other shows should aim for. These articles are another proof. You can tell you guys LOVE your show and are so excited and want to share it with us. While I am one more for reading character and relationship analysis stuff, I been really enjoying these insights behind the scenes. Thank you for all your hard work, OB is an awesome show and it means a lot to many people. Especially the themes you dare to take on so unapologetically.

  • MikeInCA

    What is the name of the song Helena and her redneck boyfriend danced to in this episode?

    • shelly

      A song called “Crazy”, sung by Diana Salvatore (aka Bobby the bartender ;))

      • MikeInCA

        Thank you for sharing that with me.

  • Mothman’s Dog

    Normally love triangles make me want to throw things at the television. However, I am all for Helena/Food/Drinks :)