The Hive Recap: Governed As It Were By Chance

The Hive Observations, Unexpected Results, and Mind-Benders


On set with Props Assistant Steve Stack.

Giving Props
And here’s one of the men behind that amazing cow dung from episode three. Props Assistant Steve Stack, filming exteriors with Cal and Kira in episode three.

Bloody Mess
We had to VFX blood onto Daniel’s head when he got out of the crash car because with the lighting you couldn’t see it properly. And John wanted MORE!

Work of Art
The art department had a ton of work to do this episode. The basement where Mrs. S. and Carleton get it on had to be completely covered in band posters because the art on the wall underneath wasn’t cleared by legal. They had to create science articles for Cosima’s research on Duncan and create Rachel’s home videos. Some of them were a part of Cosima’s research.


“I don’t believe I’ve ever done the nasty.” – Alison Hendrix

Golden Girl
The day we filmed Alison getting her tour of the rehab facility was the day that Tatiana found out she was nominated for a Golden Globe. We had a read-through that day at lunch as well. There was a standing ovation, cupcakes, and lots of celebrating.

Set Inspection: Mrs. S.’s Home
This is the first episode in season two that we went back to Mrs. S.’s house. It was a HUGE dress for the art department. Not only did they have to put the whole set back up, they had to match it exactly to the messed-up house at the end of episode one.


Little Rachel Duncan, played by Cynthia Gallant.

Casting little Rachel was very important because if we were to ever do flashbacks or home videos of the other clones when they were little it would have to be played by the same actress. In a way we had to cast a mini Tatiana Maslany. It worked out wonderfully because we found Cynthia Gallant who is her absolute tiny doppelgänger and a great little actress to boot. She even learned a British accent for the role.


“Leekie wouldn’t, Rachel might… this one is for me.” – Daniel

Rachel’s Doberman
Here’s to one of the best villains we have had on Orphan Black, Matthew Bennett, who played Daniel. He did such an amazing job as Rachel’s Doberman. Especially when he sharpens that razor. We didn’t have enough time to fully shoot the ear insert when Daniel cuts Sarah. So that is Bailey our stand-in’s ear, during a clone change over in our studio and not in the shower.



Helena makes a break for it.

Runaway Bride
The wedding dress just gets better and better. Debra Hanson is to thank again and again for her design here. We had a meeting one day where we ripped up the dress and distressed it to John’s standards. It was great!

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