First Look: Orphan Black ‘One Of A Kind’ Posters

Punk Sarah, soccer mom Alison, scientist Cosmia and Proclone Rachel are all one… of a kind. Check out your favorite clones in four new Orphan Black posters for the upcoming season below.





Orphan Black returns to BBC AMERICA on Saturday, April 19th at 9/8c. Click HERE for an exclusive first-look gallery of scenes from the Season Two premiere.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Recently hooked on this series; Tatiana is amazing and the production is totally convincing with the cloning concept. Suspending disbelief is rarely necessary! Can’t wait to see what Sarah does next to go after her girl.

  • dr salkini


  • Sarah Jane Rooney

    love it! Can’t wait for season 2!

  • James Bordonaro

    While I’m enjoying the series (watched it all in 2 days) I’ve come to dislike Sarah. Consider how many people have died or been injured because of her deceptions. If she had just come clean to Art once Katja was murdered then the police would have rounded up Helena, Tomas, Dr. Leekey and all the monitors. But, Tatiana is a very good actress so I’m looking forward to the next season. Also love Felix’s character!

    • Sebastian Tremmel

      The thing is… human cloning is illegal. They cannot go public, they could all be destroyed. It is yet another group society does not know how to classify. Don’t forget, she didn’t know what she was getting into, it just sort of snowballed.

      All the others cannot have children, but Sarah did. She may be the original.

    • John

      That’s actually what makes Sarah interesting to me. She is not a good person. She’s actually a straight up criminal. She really only cares for her family. I think her love for Kira is stressed so much because it’s what humanizes her. But, also what Sebastian said, I don’t think coming clean was such a clean option.

  • Joseph-Leon Jacques

    Loves it!