The Hive Recap: Endless Forms Most Beautiful

The Hive’s Own Observations & Unexpected Results

Can someone really ‘own’ someone else’s DNA?
Maybe/It’s complicated and being argued in the highest courts as we send this episode to you. Check out this week’s Wet Lab & Library for some hair-raising, real-world news on these court cases in the US and Australia that are challenging precisely these questions. Patents and ownership of any kind of property are based in law, and law changes from country to country.  Much of our unfolding conspiracy, present and past, is inspired by real-world court battles over who – if anyone – would, could or should profit from scientific advancements.

How was the character of Rachel conceived?  Why was she chosen to be the next clone we meet?
When we came up with the concept of ProClone, the idea of a child raised within a corporation and fully aware of who she is was something we wanted to explore. Tatiana was really excited about exploring the elite perspective of the 1%. For inspiration she looked at the films Margin Call, Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, and Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine.

“Is this the part when 20 more of you robot bitches walk in for effect?” – Sarah Manning

Will we meet more clones next season? How many are there? Will we ever meet the original?
In order, Yes, Highly Guarded Show Secret, and Stay Tuned…

Can you explain how Amelia was Sarah and Helena’s ‘birth mother?’
Sure! You can learn all about how mammals have been created and implanted in surrogate mums by reading the real-world procedures used in creating Dolly the Sheep, here.

Does Amelia’s appearance mean there were surrogates all over the place, in multiple countries, having clone babies at the same time?

Where are the other clones’ ‘birth mothers?’
We have not yet met the other clones’ surrogates, nor their ultimate, adoptive mothers. We only see their influences in the unique characteristics and values of each clone.

Who plays Amelia?  She’s fantastic!
Amelia is played by the amazing Melanie Nicholls-King. You may recognize her as Cheryl from The Wire, Noelle Williams from Rookie Blue, or Judge Avery Hansen in One Life to Live – among her many kick-ass credits. Amelia’s also a short film producer.

"I am your birth mother." - Amelia
“I am your birth mother.” – Amelia

Who wrote and directed this episode?
The Season One finale was written by series co-creator Graeme Manson, and directed by his fellow series co-creator John Fawcett.

Holy shit! What happened to Mrs. S and Kira???!!!
If we told you that, we’d spoil the debut of Season Two…

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  • guessWho

    that was a HOLY WATERSHED episode. My jaw landed on a floor back and forth.
    How can I possibly survive till 2014?!

  • CloneD

    Helena better be in a coma or I’ll say goodbye to the show, sadly. I really hated that scene where Sarah shot her, although it was perfectly made and acted. And Tatiana better get like 10 awards for this role/s!!

    • Recton Kracke

      ^^ Love Helena. Hated that scene too. “I already have a family!” yeah you do Sarah, but for better or worse Helena’s in it. Kira understands this in a way her moms can’t.
      -I’m with you; hoping to see Helena again in season 2

      • CloneD

        100% agree with you!

        • Recton Kracke

          Good to see some Helena love CloneD! Viewers are emotionally attached to her character at this point. She hasn’t even interacted with any clone but Sarah.(Blasting a hole through Katja’s head aside.) It would be fun to see how she; Reacts to Alison & Cosima, (& vice versa). Then watch her kick the crap out of Paul, (& or Vic), and get her revenge against Tomas!! Finally I don’t think Rachel Duncan is at all ready for “London calling” courtesy of Helena.

      • Marie Schlingoff

        I bet you’ll see Helena again I’m guessing she has Kira and is protecting her

    • Mike

      As much as I liked Helena and know she’s not coming back (Writers have said that). She wasn’t the only element that made up this show. She was in 6/10 episodes i believe and the other characters are just as interesting. The plot will stand strong as well. I hope you’ll continue to watch and not stop over one character.

  • Kortney Parkey

    Can we have a tiny bit of info released on Mrs. S’s involvement in Project Lena?

  • Megan

    I’m just praying that Helena isn’t actually dead.

  • disqus_bvsdkbQhyG

    Since patents expire would Sarah and Kira be free eventually.

  • Allen

    The patent is illegal. Those contracts were illegal. Slavery or human bondage is outlawed in all western nations. That being said, Helena looked to me like she was ‘playing possum’. The fans are too emotionally invested in her now for the writers to just cancel her out with a bullet.

  • Mrd

    All you have to do is add uploading stir (not shake) and you can play musical chairs with bodies.

  • RealityEngineer

    re: “Their DNA bears a patent: they are owned.”

    Of course as someone else pointed out, that is complete nonsense, slavery was outlawed long ago in this country. This is a great show and most of its fact glitches I can just “suspend disbelief” and tune out, but this is something that most adults who graduated high school in modern countries should be aware of. It doesn’t matter if a gene is patented, humans can’ be owned. Yes there are some paranoid clueless people who know little about the law, blindly fear corporations since they know little about how world really works, or are scared oft technology that might spread nonsense like that, but it is absurd to think a character who is supposedly educated enough to be in grad school would take the idea seriously. The show needs to consult pretty much any legal expert, or most high school graduates, and avoid jumping the shark. I fear the way the episode ended that nonsense might become a major plot point, and the great lead actress and a promising show deserve better than that.

  • fan

    What a great TV series. I am hooked. Since it is only show on BBC America, many people in US do not know about this TV series. The name does not help either,
    just like some great movies with terrible names (The Constant Gardener for one). I think the producer should find a way to let more people know about this wonderful TV series. The only complain I have is that it takes too long for the seriesII to come out.

  • Marie Schlingoff

    I bet Helena isn’t dead and she is caring for Kira