‘Black’-Listed: Helena’s Playlist

What songs play through the demented mind of cray-clone Helena? We asked ‘Orphan Black’ creator, Graeme Manson… even though we were afraid of the answer.


Graeme Manson: I love Helena so much, but I seriously don’t want to hear the music in her head. Fragments of Ukranian folk songs? Gregorian chants mixed with our composer Trevor Yuile’s signature “Helena Screech?” *Shudder*

The writer’s room, AKA The Hive, wanted Helena terrifying out of the gate. (Track 1 – Soap & Skins’ “Sugarbread?” Scariest song I’ve heard in a long while.) But as we began to explore how damaged Helena was, Tatiana brought so much unexpected heart to her “little monster”. Like a wide-eyed child, Helena susses her “connection” with Sarah – just as Kira ultimately susses a connection with Helena. Tat’s insight molded a Helena motivated by love, not hate. Helena even found a sensual side, repression boiling over on the dubstep dance floor, waving a severed human tail. (Okay, The Hive like it weird – uh, a song called “Cervix Couch?”) Point is, by the time Sarah realizes what their connection is, we feel for the Monster. She’s batshit cray-cray and funny at the same time (hence Peter Sellers and the sublime Tiger Lillies). But she’s also deadly and kinda cool in an Encino Man-meets-Tarantino way that calls for garage rock and 70s am radio. “Lunch with Helena” was one of our favorite scenes of the season, with feels provided by Sonny and Cher. (Who beat out The Carpenters and Captain and Tennille!)

What music would YOU add to the soundtrack of ‘Orphan Black?’ Share your song suggestions below.

  • Surun Tunne

    So amazing that Graeme listens to Soap&Skin!! My favourite musician!

  • Chance_X74

    They actually gave props to Christian Death with Cervix Couch? I could see much of Rozz Williams’ catalog being oddly fitting for her.

  • Andreas Darger

    Anything from Chelsea Wolf’s album “Pain Is Beauty” would fit to Helena. Also, “If i had a heart” by Fever Ray i think could contribute with some good Helena-atmosphere! :)

  • http://zzokalj.tumblr.com Alison Hendrix

    I can also recommend:
    1. Jerry Goldsmith – Ave Satani (although she’s a religious freak, she’s also a batshit crazy just as this theme)
    2. Slipknot – Eyeeore (while taking lives and stuff)
    3. Goblin – Suspiria (probably when she’s eating something)

  • Daniel D’Ambrosio

    Whenever I see Helena, the song that always comes to mind is Opeth’s The Grand Conjuration, the mood of the music fits her “atmosphere” perfectly