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Compliments to Open Culture for this very cool list of online lectures, etc

It’s not magic, it’s stem cells…
A brief set of introductions to fascinating takes on a bio-mind-blower.  With great thanks to Open Culture; we’ve posted their complete list of links below.

Replaceable You: Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering
iTunes – Jill Helms, Stanford

Straight Talk About Stem Cells 
iTunes – Christopher Scott, Stanford

Stem Cells: Policy and Ethics 
iTunes – Christopher Scott, Stanford

Breaking Stories in Real-World Stem Cell Work
Human Cloning Developments Raise Hopes for New Treatments
From The Guardian

About the Offspring of Human Clones
Did you know Dolly the Sheep had old-fashioned babies? Do you know what became of them?

Dolly the Sheep Gives Birth
From BBC News

Evolution seen in ‘synthetic DNA’
from BBC News


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