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Episode 9: Mind-Bender

In which some clones benefit from others’ misconceptions: Aynsley’s intervention, – an alleged ‘act of love and concern’ – enables Alison to turn the tables on her false friend, though not exactly following Felix’s heartfelt advice. Helena’s exposure to Sarah makes Tomas’s hollow promises suddenly ring false, saving them both from his clutches.  But, Art correctly deduces that the woman who committed suicide at Huxley Station was not in fact Sarah Manning, but Beth Childs.  And Leekie has now resolved his own confusion as to who was impersonating Beth, forcing a face-to-face with Sarah.

In this episode, we return to where Sarah’s on-screen story started. Where is ‘Huxley Station’?
Fictional Huxley Station is really Toronto’s Union Station. The sequence with Art on the platform was shot at the same time as the opening of the pilot.  The Hive, working well ahead on the back end of the season, spotted in the dailies an end point — the perfect place for Art’s eureka moment that Beth is dead. Finally, a cop who has no reason to see clones, can at least solve the mystery of three matching sets of fingerprints, two dead dead-ringers, and one mug shot of a very-much-alive Sarah Manning.

Art puts the pieces together.

Art puts the pieces together.

“It’s all coming back to the Maggie Chen shooting.” Who was Maggie Chen again?
When Sarah first assumed Detective Beth Childs’ identity, she stumbled headlong into a police investigation of Beth Childs’ fatal shooting of an allegedly “innocent civilian” named Maggie Chen.  We also learn that Art actively helped the real Beth beat the rap; backing up a fiction of what went down, fudging evidence at the scene.  Later, Helena tells Sarah that Maggie Chen was in fact involved in the clones’ creation, but ‘found God’ and switched teams – working with Tomas and the Proletheans to track down the clones so Helena could assassinate them as ‘abominations’.  Sarah realizes that Beth shot Maggie on purpose – to protect them.

Wait, who was that woman at the window, who told Dr. Leekie that “blood is thicker than water?!”
Yeah, right – nice try, Clone Club.  As if we’re going to ruin next week’s finale for you.

Who is she?

Who is she?

Who wrote and directed this episode?
This episode was written by Alex Levine and directed by TJ Scott.

Abstract Influences
The Hive cites UK filmmaker Mike Leigh’s “Secrets and Lies” as a major influence on the revelation of Sarah’s birth mother.

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