The Hive Recap: Parts Developed In an Unusual Manner

The Hive Wet Lab & Library

“The fact that I can have a tail — millions of years after we shed it — reminds me of what we can achieve.”
– Olivier

“Did you lie with a beast?”
– Helena

Outlaw Biology, Body Modification And Bio-Hacking
Pictures of underground culture of sub-dermal implants, branding, extreme piercings and scarification. (Warning: graphic content!)

Biopunk Manifesto
A speech delivered at the UCLA Center for Society and Genetics’ symposium, “Outlaw Biology? Public Participation in the Age of Big Bio”

Vestigial Human Tails
From the US National Library of Medicine

Own Your Own Tail!

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  • Sophie Willard

    I appreciate the extra insight into the episodes – thanks for putting this out there!

  • AreaMan66

    I really liked this show. It was smart, new, interesting story line with a seemingly original idea.

    Then about 23 minutes into this episode comes the politics….what the hell is it with the left and their insane hatred for Maggie Thatcher.

    “….she sacked social security….went after immigrants…”

    Can’t you just make a smart, entertaining show without the leftist propaganda?

    • Mike

      And your reasoning for posting this….

  • KEN

    Judas Priest, could not believe hubby was the bad guy, it seemed so nice having soccer mom back together.

  • KEN

    Last week Art was another bad guy, and the Clones including Helena were becoming a superwoman force. Now Art may be a good guy. Too bad Helena got zapped imo.. See next season I guess.

  • KEN

    A contractors job is to kill. I liked Paul until the Marines incident. TPTB, write Paul out of being a bad guy in that incident please.