The Hive Recap: Variations Under Domestication

The Hive: Wet Lab & Library

“I hold it to be the inalienable right of anybody to go to hell in his own way.”
― Robert Frost

“As long as the subject makes her own choices, there are no wrong decisions.”
– Olivier, Orphan Black

About Poet John Donne
This episode’s post poet laureate

Influences, Experience & Social Sciences:
“Suburbia According to Radiant City”
Complimentary online viewing courtesy The National Film Board of Canada, here:

Radiant City is a canny-creepy mock-doc portrait of the suburbs as suburban-raised Hive relates to them, by journalist Jim Brown, & acclaimed Canadian filmmaker, Gary Burns.  We recommend it whether you’re unfamiliar with North American suburban culture, or are a product of one.

Social Sciences: Identity – Conformity
S.E. Asch’s seminal study, “The Power of Conformity” via Scientific American, 1955

Social Sciences: Identity – Individualism
A basic introduction from Encyclopedia Britannica

Real World, Real Science: Directed (Biological) Evolution
Dr. Frances Arnold on Directing Evolution
via Cara Santa Maria for the Huffington Post

The Arnold Group

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