‘Orphan Black’ to Return for Season Two in 2014!

We’re thrilled to announce that BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday thriller, Orphan Black, will be returning for a second season in 2014! From the official press release:

BBC AMERICA has renewed highly acclaimed original series, Orphan Black, for a second season to return as part of Supernatural Saturday in 2014. The conspiracy clone thriller starring Tatiana Maslany has been re-commissioned with a 10-episode order from Temple Street Productions, ahead of its season one finale on Saturday, June 1.

In making the announcement, Perry Simon, General Manager, Channels, BBC Worldwide America said: “Tatiana Maslany has delivered one of the year’s standout performances. We’re excited to commission a second season from the talented team of Graeme, John and Temple Street Productions, and we can’t wait to see who Tatiana shows up as in season two.”

“We’re delighted with the second season order for Orphan Black and want to thank everyone at BBC AMERICA, BBC Worldwide and Space for their support and commitment to our show,” commented David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg, executive producers of Orphan Black and Co-Presidents of Temple Street Productions.  “We’re thrilled to continue this journey with such a strong team and fantastic cast, led by the ridiculously talented Tatiana Maslany.  A huge thanks to the fans for their steadfast support of the show. We’re looking forward to giving every one of them more Orphan Black.”

The innovative series has earned critical acclaim including The Hollywood Reporter saying “It is, flat out, one of the most intriguingly entertaining new series of the year,” TV Guide Magazine calling it: “a tangy, sexy blend of sci-fi and Run Lola Run-style chase thriller.” and the New York Post proclaiming: “If God and the Emmys are fair, at least six Maslanys will be picking up statuettes this September.”

Orphan Black is produced by Temple Street Productions in association with BBC AMERICA and SPACE. The series is co-created by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, with Manson also serving as writer and Fawcett as director. Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier are executive producers on behalf of Temple Street. The cast includes Maria Doyle Kennedy (Downton Abbey, Dexter), Jordan Gavaris (Degrassi, Unnatural History), Dylan Bruce (As The World Turns, Unstoppable), Kevin Hanchard (The Listener, Take the Lead) and Michael Mando (Make Your Move, The Colony).

The groundbreaking series launched on March 30 with Sarah (Maslany), an outsider and orphan whose life changes dramatically after witnessing the suicide of a woman, “Beth,” who looks just like her. Sarah takes her identity, her boyfriend and her bank account. But instead of solving her problems, the street-smart chameleon is thrust headlong into a kaleidoscopic mystery. She makes the dizzying discovery that she and the dead woman are clones… but are they the only ones? Sarah quickly finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy, racing to find answers.

Excited for another season of Orphan Black? Sound off in the comments! And get ready for this Saturday’s all-new episode with a sneak peek now.

  • http://twitter.com/majesdane elizabeth mcrae

    So excited about this! :D

  • RiseOfGotham

    Yes! so glad it’s been renewed. ‘Orphan Black’ is great, really enjoying Season 1. I had no idea who Tatiana Maslany was when I started the show but I’m definitely a fan of hers now. She is so amazing in this! such a great actress and to be able to play all these different clones yet make them each different from the other is just wow…

    • Nancy

      I agree

  • http://twitter.com/tomincmh Tom A.

    Best news I’ve heard all day. Congrats to everyone involved, especially the incomparable Tatiana Maslany. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of this season and season two.

  • http://www.farmfreshmeat.com Jamie

    This is great news and I love the show. But I’m troubled by the “2014″ part of this. Is the new face of cable TV programming going to be just 10 episodes a year? Will I still remember or care about Orphan Black by the time Season 2 starts in the spring of 2014?

  • tasha

    Thats so awesome!!! If only the wait was shorter! You can make it up by keeping Dylan in the series :-P

  • http://www.facebook.com/june.schulte June Schulte

    Yes!!! Love this show and love Sarah and Felix!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sara.brickey.7 Sara Brickey

    Yes thank god!!! I adore this show from the first minute, and with all the tv out there that’s a rare thing to find.

  • Mark Pough

    The show is really entertaining and keeps u wanted sat nite to hurry up and come!!!! #i thought u were dead sabeth..loops I mean sara

  • Eric


  • Dina Ela

    I am a huge fan of the show, I cannot believe how much I am into it :D cannot wait for Sarah and Paul to develop their thing further. :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wambach20 Lisa Rechsteiner

    OMG I love this show!! tatiana is seriously amazing with what she does with the different personalities and accents. And Felix brings a perfect bit of humor to make the show a well rounded thriller

    • JAS718

      he’s incredibly talented, isn’t she?? We don’t hear enough about or from her. Interviews are scarce …. at least I have to seek them out. Like to see her on the regular stations talk shows. This girl is amazingly talented!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jo.doucette Jo Doucette

    Fantastic! I’m totally obsessed with this show. Bothe the complexity of the plot and Tatiana’s amazing performances!!

  • Jennifer

    I love this show. I think about what happened throughout the week and can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Roy Cantrell

    I agree with Jamie. 10 episodes? That 2.5 months of TV. How about 20 episodes starting in Sept or Oct this year. Just pay Tatiana whatever she wants. The show is great and she is one of a kind. maybe??? Besides who couldn’t like someone who sprinkles sugar on their jello?.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shankari33 Shankari Patel

    I Love this show!!!!

  • FlyingPixies

    Great news! It’s an extraordinary show. But I want more! Just 10 episodes? I guess I can’t get too greedy.

  • hybridstar

    2014 is way too long and 10 episodes are way too short for the brilliance and epic story that is Orphan Black. I want my clones! I wanna see Cosima+Delphine get back together. Wanna know if Kira is superhuman. Wanna see Sarah kick-ass with Fe. Heck I even want OCD-Alison on my screen. Can’t forget about crazy-Helena. Yay for Season 2! Tatiana Maslany deserves it!

  • jay jay

    With the gorgeous and talented Tatiana Maslany and an equally talented and excellent cast, Its a wonderful show and I’m glad that they are coming back.

  • Frances

    Don’t know what i’m gonna do with my Sun PM TV watching until Spring 2014! I MAKE myself NOT watch Orphan Black until at least Sun just so it’s 1 day closer to the next episode! NBC cancelled my other fav sci fi, The Event, last year and nothing has touched my love its! so much until Orphan Black

  • Ashley Marie

    For a show that’s on Saturday nights, it’s one of the best shows. I’m never home but love the fact that I can watch it the next day. Tatiana is so extremely talented that I can’t even believe they’re all her sometimes.
    I am sooooooooo excited that this show got renewed for a 2nd season, but I’m sad I have to wait till 2014. :-(

  • Fellipe O. Melo

    I cant wait to see the second season!!!

  • Dr.Tony Peluso


  • Mark Mclaughlin

    I love you XxxX

  • Nancy

    This is such a great show. I can never watch anything twice but I am watching this show twice. Cannot wait until 2014. Wish it was coming on sooner. She is a great actress.

  • Tony Smith

    Love the show. Trying to share it’s wonderful existence with anyone I can. 2014 seems all to far away but it is something to wait for.

  • Shirley Canady

    i just started watching this show and LOVE IT! PLEASE START THE SEASON SOONER!!

  • Melissa Sanders

    when in 2014? i just saw the whole 1st season it was sooo awesome bbc has truly came up a step!!! or probably always has just never noticed!! This isnt the first show I enjoyed either!! You guys have truly excellent shows keep going!!

  • leah mori

    Thank god! Love this show. One of the best on television.

  • Harriet Hatty-zebra Broadley

    When is this coming out in the uk ??

  • Carleen Turcotte

    Does anyone have an actual “air date” for Season 2?

  • Kristal Caldwell

    I am so happy to know the show will return for another season! I hope it doesn’t get too far fetched though. The first season was a great surprise. I liked the twists.