‘Black’-Listed: Cosima’s Playlist

What’s currently playing on Cosima’s iPod? We asked ‘Orphan Black’ co-creator Graeme Manson for a glimpse at the evo-devo clone’s playlist.


Graeme Manson: Cosima is totally West Coast, a Berkley brat. I like to think her academic tripster birth parents dragged her around to Dead shows as a kid. Then as a teenager, Bassnectar threw her on a bus to Burning Man and she never turned back. When Tatiana does her “Cosima dance” to get into character, it’s a beautiful and familiar thing. I can totally see Cosima loading up her art car with costumes and her tribe, and heading out to Basscoast, Shambhala, or Lightning in a Bottle.

Cosima’s musical flava is close to our original concept for the score of the show, as first discussed with our killa Composer, Trevor Yuile. It’s also the flava of Two Fingers (AKA Amon Tobin) who so righteously composed our opening credits theme. So what would Cosima call this playlist? Something like: “Trip hoppin’, dub steppin’, glitchy global goodness?” Or maybe just: “Bass music for Goddesses,” represented by my fave electronic artist of the Goddess variety, Andrea Graham, AKA “The Librarian”. Check out her sets! Then pack the van for Basscoast and some homegrown B.C. bass music with international guests. Check out Adham Shaikh, Matt the Alien, Max Ulis, Self Evident, and the latin breakfast skillz of Bassos Rancheros. Full lineup announced April 30.

What music would YOU add to the soundtrack of ‘Orphan Black?’ Share your song suggestions below.

  • Guest

    I’d love to see soccer mom’s playlist! Haha.

    • KEN

      She was trying to be too over the top picking songs that used foul language like B*t@h.

  • http://twitter.com/kuritokreet EVØDEVØ

    And what about cast’s real playlist? Absolutely fan of this set of songs.

  • Jeffrey Guingab

    Two great Song Suggestions: How about Metric’s song “Clone” but I don’t know how it would be added haha. Or Metric’s “Nothing But Time” all from the Synthetica Album. :)

  • Taylor Nelson

    I don’t see how she could have listened to Bassnectar as a teenager. He’s in his 30s and was two years behind me in high school.

  • Anton S Ilin

    Clark – Growl’s garden

  • Andreas Darger

    Army of Me by Björk would be an excellent song to use on the show! The show litterally deals with an army of clones! For Cosima, Björks Enjoy and Alarm Call, Fever Rays Tringle Walks and Nine Inch Nails’ Copy of A could be Bulls-eye! Also some hard rock would be delightful! ;)

  • dB

    Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy

    “Dr. Leekie’s Theme”

  • Daniel Shoup

    Cosima reads much more like a suburban kid who wishes she was from Berkeley (ahem, ahem, spelling). The writers need to come out here some time, they might learn that no one calls it ‘San Fran’ unless they are from somewhere far, far away.

  • CoDEmanX

    Skrillex obviously! It’s electronic music, primarily Dubstep, and he almost looks like a male Cosima! Skrillex – Recess (2014) would be a good song: http://open.spotify.com/track/1RJZLVGpBG9nNZiHRQSWTp