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Bugging out in Belize


You read in the history books about this powerful, technologically sophisticated and sometimes brutal ancient civilization. But meeting them in […]

Archery and Horseback Riding in New Mexico


The Chiricahua Apache are very reserved and quiet, by nature.  At times I felt that perhaps we had intruded in […]

Humble people and Simple food of Koh Lanta


Of all the tribes and indigenous people we met, The Urak Lawoi led the most simple life.  They do not […]

Let the good times roll!


The environment of the Bayou, was like nothing I have ever experienced in the USA before.  I was blown away […]

Magical experiences in Hawaii


This was the first time I had been to Hawaii, a destination which had always seemed so remote from London, […]

Fiji: Diversity of People and Diversity of Food


What a mix the people of Fiji are!  From Melanesian to Polynesian and influenced by the Dutch, British and Indians […]

Elephants and amazing food in Chiang Dao!


Elephants are such an important part of the Palong Hill Tribe culture.  I had groups of them walking past my […]

Poignant and Profound in New Zealand

Shini hosts in New Zealand.

Maori culture was the most intense and personally moving of all the cultures I met whilst shooting this series of […]

Dominica’s Wild Weather


The temperamental weather was the most challenging thing about Dominica. It switched from basking hot sunshine to torrential rain in […]

Daredevil Chefs and Love From the Kalinago

The welcome dinner.

The Kalinago’s joviality and pride in their culture was evident from our first meeting.  Although shy in the beginning, they […]