Bugging out in Belize

You read in the history books about this powerful, technologically sophisticated and sometimes brutal ancient civilization. But meeting them in person left a different impression.

Archery and Horseback Riding in New Mexico

The Chiricahua Apache are very reserved and quiet, by nature.  At times I felt that perhaps we had intruded in on their very close-knit community.  Of course, they assured us, that we were absolutely welcome!

Let the good times roll!

The environment of the Bayou, was like nothing I have ever experienced in the USA before.  I was blown away by its beauty.  Trust me when all you’ve seen of the States is NYC and LA, this place was a hidden gem.

Magical experiences in Hawaii

This was the first time I had been to Hawaii, a destination which had always seemed so remote from London, my hometown.  It was surprising how much their culture was influenced by their neighbors, the  Maoris and Fijians.

Elephants and amazing food in Chiang Dao!

Elephants are such an important part of the Palong Hill Tribe culture.  I had groups of them walking past my hotel window every morning, a sight which instantly made me transform into an enthralled big kid.

Poignant and Profound in New Zealand

Maori culture was the most intense and personally moving of all the cultures I met whilst shooting this series of “No Kitchen Required.” They truly are warrior people to their very core.

Dominica’s Wild Weather

The temperamental weather was the most challenging thing about Dominica. It switched from basking hot sunshine to torrential rain in an instant.