new zealand

Poignant and Profound in New Zealand

Maori culture was the most intense and personally moving of all the cultures I met whilst shooting this series of “No Kitchen Required.” They truly are warrior people to their very core.

Falling into New Zealand, from 10,000 feet


New Zealand’s glowworm caves


Hiking through a microcosm of Earth


Cooking in Piercing Rain

Kayne got our group very excited for our arrival to New Zealand. You could sense the adrenaline and his excitement to be back in his homeland. It was great to see how emotionally tied he was to this country.

Emotional Breakdowns in New Zealand

Arriving in New Zealand was utterly breathtaking. The landscape is seemingly undisturbed and lush with several shades of green from emerald to moss.

My Incredible Journey Home

New Zealand was an incredibly emotional journey for me.