A Hidden Culture in Florida

Going into this challenge I had no idea there were native Indian tribes that still occupied parts of this state. It was surprising to me to find a culture that is so hidden that many people, even locals have no idea about it.

Iguana in Belize

Our guide in Belize really showed me how proud and welcoming their culture is. He was excited for the opportunity to teach others about his country and to show us how they lived on a day-to-day basis.

Feeling like a kid again on horseback

Our arrival in New Mexico  was my first time ever riding bareback on a horse.  It was one of those experiences where I felt like a child again, and made me realize that as we get older, we often forget about the innocence of our …

Riding in longboats on the ocean

Arriving in Koh Lanta on a longboat was another great experience. It taught me a lot about Koh Lanta and how the locals utilized these boats as both a tool for hunting and as a source of transportation.

Cooking turtles in Louisiana

The fan boats in Louisiana are incredible!  You don’t realize how loud, strong, and fast they are until you’re on one, going full speed across the water.  You almost feel like you’re flying!

Happy People in a Tropical Paradise

People think of Fiji as a tropical paradise, which it is, but I was lucky enough to see a part of the country that had been untouched by any hotelier. The native Fijians were by far the most happy and welcoming people I have ever …

Out of My Comfort Zone

Thailand is a stunning place. But this was one of the most difficult locations for me. This challenge was completely foreign to me because, as I admitted on the show, I never cook with Asian ingredients.

Cooking in Piercing Rain

Kayne got our group very excited for our arrival to New Zealand. You could sense the adrenaline and his excitement to be back in his homeland. It was great to see how emotionally tied he was to this country.

Digging the Yam Dig!

I’m so psyched I won the yam dig challenge in Dominica! I would compare it to the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare.