A Hidden Culture in Florida


Going into this challenge I had no idea there were native Indian tribes that still occupied parts of this state. […]

Iguana in Belize


Our guide in Belize really showed me how proud and welcoming their culture is. He was excited for the opportunity […]

Feeling like a kid again on horseback


Our arrival in New Mexico  was my first time ever riding bareback on a horse.  It was one of those […]

Riding in longboats on the ocean


Arriving in Koh Lanta on a longboat was another great experience. It taught me a lot about Koh Lanta and […]

Cooking turtles in Louisiana


The fan boats in Louisiana are incredible!  You don’t realize how loud, strong, and fast they are until you’re on […]

Roasting a hog in Hawaii


Hawaii was amazing!           Cooking the hog was such a time challenge for me. Roasting a […]

Happy People in a Tropical Paradise

Fijian dancers

People think of Fiji as a tropical paradise, which it is, but I was lucky enough to see a part […]

Out of My Comfort Zone


Thailand is a stunning place. But this was one of the most difficult locations for me. This challenge was completely […]

Cooking in Piercing Rain

Michael at his station.

Kayne got our group very excited for our arrival to New Zealand. You could sense the adrenaline and his excitement […]

Digging the Yam Dig!


I’m so psyched I won the yam dig challenge in Dominica! I would compare it to the story of “The […]