Experiencing the Seminole way!


Flying into the Florida Everglades on a seaplane was awesome. But there were too many gators beneath us for my […]

The Biggest Pressure Moment


The biggest pressure moment…wow, we were under pressure the whole time! It was incredibly difficult having the elements bombard us […]

Cooking in the snow


Definitely the most important thing my guide taught me when hunting was that if you do not succeed on the […]

Fear and Boating in the Bayou


Every situation on “No Kitchen Required” has pressure moments. It’s a tough physical test! In Louisiana we were in the […]

A Hawaiian Helicoptor ride


Hawaii was awesome! The helicopter ride we took in Hawaii was so amazing!!! We flew across some beautiful volcanoes, mountains […]

Spearfishing in Fiji

Fiji Scenery from Sand Bar Location

Spearfishing was really difficult with the sling style gun. I really struggled to get it to work well which caused […]

Arriving on an Elephant


Arriving on an elephant in Chiang Dao was incredible! We were walking down the middle of a river and the […]

My Incredible Journey Home

Kayne in New Zealand.

New Zealand was an incredibly emotional journey for me. I put pressure on myself before we even arrived. It’s my […]

Hunting in Dominica


Rappelling down a cliff into Dominica was awesome! Totally badass. My guide in Dominica really helped me understand and appreciate the […]