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Travelwise: Belize’s lessons in eco-tourism


  Courtesy of BBC Travel By Joshua Samuel Brown Thirty-six percent of Belize’s landmass enjoys protected status. Thirteen percent of […]

Modern Day Mayans in Belize


I’ve been in “el mundo Maya” before, when I worked on ‘Survivor: Guatemala.’ There’s something about being in those ruins […]

Bugging out in Belize


You read in the history books about this powerful, technologically sophisticated and sometimes brutal ancient civilization. But meeting them in […]

Iguana in Belize


Our guide in Belize really showed me how proud and welcoming their culture is. He was excited for the opportunity […]

The Biggest Pressure Moment


The biggest pressure moment…wow, we were under pressure the whole time! It was incredibly difficult having the elements bombard us […]

Tagging crocodiles in Belize


  Courtesy of BBC Travel By Alex Robinson The tiny Morelet’s crocodile moved furiously as it was pulled from the […]