Modern Day Mayans in Belize

I’ve been in “el mundo Maya” before, when I worked on ‘Survivor: Guatemala.’ There’s something about being in those ruins that evokes a kind of reverence.

Bugging out in Belize

You read in the history books about this powerful, technologically sophisticated and sometimes brutal ancient civilization. But meeting them in person left a different impression.

Iguana in Belize

Our guide in Belize really showed me how proud and welcoming their culture is. He was excited for the opportunity to teach others about his country and to show us how they lived on a day-to-day basis.

The Biggest Pressure Moment

The biggest pressure moment…wow, we were under pressure the whole time!

It was incredibly difficult having the elements bombard us with rain — the ground around us was like a mud bath.  During the challenge, it was really hard to control our cooking temperatures because the wind and rain were …