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In the first episode of this adrenaline-inducing series, the chefs rappel into the lush land of the Caribbean island, Dominica. Equipped with only their knives and secret ingredients of choice, they are warmly welcomed by host Dr. Shini Somara and the Kalinago community.

After a traditional performance by the locals and an exquisite feast, the chefs set out in search for the ingredients for their meals. But before they can dish up the catch of the day, they must first master spearfishing, track a manicou through the dense jungle, blindly hunt for crustaceans in dangerously murky waters and forage for tropical fruits and root vegetables like coconuts and yams.

Combining these ingredients to create a delectable feast for their hosts proves to be a daunting task against the wind and rain on the unpredictable island. The chefs struggle just to keep their fires going, not to mention creating a winning meal before time runs out.