Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1


In the first episode of this adrenaline-inducing series, the chefs rappel into the lush land of the Caribbean island, Dominica. Equipped with only their knives and secret ingredients of choice, they are warmly welcomed by host Dr. Shini Somara and the Kalinago community.

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Episode 2

New Zealand

The three chefs, Michael, Madison and Kayne, must summon their inner warrior to win over the Maori people in rugged New Zealand.

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Episode 3

Chiang Dao

The chefs battle a mighty language barrier and even mightier prey as they head to Chiang Dao, Thailand, home of the Palong hill people.

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Episode 4


Michael, Madison and Kayne speed across the South Seas toward Fiji, a land where the locals were once feared as cannibals.

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Episode 5


The three chefs fly above the dynamic landscape of Hawaii’s Big Island before their chopper touches down on a beautiful bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiians treat them to a traditional luau on the lava rocks where they learn about the native culture and culinary tradition.

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Episode 6


Michael, Kayne and Madison find themselves in the backwater swamps of Louisiana where they must honor one of the most revered American culinary traditions: Cajun cooking.

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Episode 7

Koh Lanta, Thailand

The chefs must endure brutal heat as they cook to win on the sandy shores of the Andaman Sea.

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Episode 8

New Mexico

The chefs head into Apache country, arriving on horseback as they begin their quest to win over the fiercest Native American warriors.

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Episode 9


Our three chefs chopper into the heart of the ancient Mayan world amidst the lush jungle of Belize, where the modern Mayans welcome them and treat them to traditional Mayan cuisine.

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Episode 10


The chefs travel back in time to test their culinary skills with the Native American Seminoles.

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