New Mexico

Michael’s Menu

Personal item: Butter

1. Turkey salad

2. Turkey confit with potatoes

3. Turkey stuffed cabbage leaves with dipping sauce

4. Turkey soup with noodles

5. Turkey leg stew

6. Fry bread

Madison’s Menu

Personal item: Fresh corn

1. Stuffed smoked trout

2. Trout cakes with a sweet corn relish

3. Fry bread with piñon and walnut pesto

4. Corn pudding with a dried fruit compote

Kayne’s Menu

Personal item: Tomatoes

1. Rabbit three ways: jerky, juniper‐crusted and pine‐smoked

2. Rabbit stew and spinach puree

3. Rock‐roasted rabbit tenderloin

4. Warm mesquite tea

5. Fry bread

New Mexico