Michael’s Menu

Personal item: Grinder

1. Dirty rice with turtle

2. Turtle cakes (meatballs) with lemon mayonnaise

3. Hand‐rolled pasta with a turtle ragu

4. Turtle in sauce piquant

5. Turtle soup with hard-boiled egg

Madison’s Menu

Personal item: Seasoned corn meal

1. Southern fried catfish and cheese hush-puppies with homemade hot sauce

2. Catfish coubillion

3. Blackened catfish with tomato, okra sauce

4. Red beans and rice

5. Bread pudding with rum

Kayne’s Menu

Personal item: Corn meal

1. Dirty rice with beans, okra and tomatoes

2. Crawfish etouffee

3. Crawfish hush-puppies

4. Popcorn crawfish

5. Spicy crawfish‐stuffed jalapenos

6. Bread pudding with rum sauce