Koh Lanta, Thailand

Michael’s Menu

Personal item: Yellow curry

1. Raw calamari with dipping sauce

2. Greek salad

3. Fried fish with mango salad

4. Yellow coconut, curry squid with Thai eggplant

5. Squid‐ink rice

Madison’s Menu

Personal item: Vodka

1. Deep fried lobster with tamarind paste

2. Lobster ceviche

3. Lobster cakes

4. Watermelon with salt, fresh mint and vodka

Kayne’s Menu

Personal item: Eggs

1. Salt and pepper crab and vegetables with an egg

2. Fresh crab omelet with nam prik sauce

3. Hot and sour crab with tamarind

4. Crab consommé

5. Shrimp paste dip and assorted vegetables with dipping sauce

Koh Lanta, Thailand