Michael’s Menu

Personal item: Grinder

1. Pink Grapefruit, fern and sweet potato

2. Grilled tenderloin of pork with green banana and a tropical fruit salad

3. Purple sweet potato mash with coconut

4. Stewed pork butt in a taro root in lemongrass broth

5. Braised pork in taro leaf

6. Spiced pork sausage with mint, taro leaf and chili

7. Grilled heart poke

8. Hot‐rock‐roasted kidney

9. Pig head soup

10. Imu‐roasted pork belly

11. Pulled pork shoulder with fried banana

Madison’s Menu

Personal item: Shallots

1. Opihi (limpet) luau with fried shallots and fried chilies

2. Deep fried fish with taro and sweet potato chips and salsa

3. Sashimi Poke with poke with salt and lime

4. Lime chili water

5. Coconut custard and coconut caramel banana with mango coulis

Kayne’s Menu

Personal item: Packaged poi

1. Green and yellow banana coconut soup

2. Uku (blue‐green snapper) poke with sea urchin

3. Poi

4. Uku luau

5. Goat fish lemongrass soup

6. Sweet potato, kumara and fiddlehead fern in a watermelon vinaigrette

7. Pepper seared uku with green pineapple, watermelon and sautéed fiddlehead fern

8. Char‐grilled polani with chili oil

9. Poisson cru