Michael’s Menu

Personal item: Eggs

1. Alligator stew with hardboiled egg and swamp cabbage

2. Deep‐fried alligator bites with French fries and lemon aioli

3. Alligator ribs with dipping sauce

4. Alligator heliopitas

5.  Sour Orange and sugarcane drink

Madison’s Menu

Personal item: Cheese grits

1. Pork shoulder and heart patty with cheese grits

2. Lime Pork tenderloin with onion gravy

3. Mofongo with garlic

4. Sweet potato fry bread

5. Swamp cabbage with bacon, garlic and onions.

6. Citrus salad

7. Tea with Lemon

Kayne’s Menu

Personal item: Corn meal

1. Whole roasted garfish stuffed with rice

2. New Zealand style fish and chips

3. Garfish consommé with gremolata

4. Fry bread with caramelized swamp cabbage

5. Pan‐fried garfish with polenta

6. Sour orange drink