Michael’s Menu

Personal item: Food mill

1. Tropical fruit salad, crab roe vinaigrette

2. Tomato and coconut milk fondue with stewed clams

3. Coconut and crab soup with bele (leaf), garlic and tomato

4. Clam ceviche with chili vinaigrette

5. Papaya and seaweed salad with mudcrab claws

6. Lovo‐roasted root vegetables with lime and pepper

Madison’s Menu

Personal item: Rum

1. Lovo‐roasted goat in a dark soy marinade with plantain and sweet potato

2. Passion fruit salad with chili and basil

3. Papaya salsa with deep fried taro chips

4. Seared liver with caramelized onion

5. Taro leaf with a coconut cream and tomato sauce

6. Sweet plantain coconut cream and rum dessert

Kayne’s Menu

Personal item: Fish sauce

1. Taro leaves in coconut milk

2. Chili lime roasted reef fish

3. Boiled cassava in coconut milk and seawater

4. Kokoda: fish marinated in coconut milk, tomato, onion , cilantro, and lime

5. Wild bananas with coconut milk and passion fruit

6. Miti soup: lime, coconut milk, sliced bele (leaf)

7. Deep fried reef fish grilled with a chili, pineapple chutney

8. Saltwater‐steamed bele

9. Slow‐cooked fish head in bone broth