Michael’s Menu

Personal item: Olive oil

1. Grilled amberjack with avocado and tropical fruits

2. Poached sea bass in coconut milk, lime and cilantro

3. Grilled fish with confit tomato, green onions and garlic

4. Braised snapper with annatto

5. Salad of yams, grapefruit and chilies

6. Ash-roasted breafruit


Madison’s Menu

Personal item: Self‐raising flour

1. Braised manicou and breadfruit parcel

2. Calliloo soup

3. Coconut and plantain bread

4. Tropical fruit salad with mint and sea salt

5. Sorrel and chili water


Kayne’s Menu
Personal item: Coconut milk

1. Freshwater snail, crab and crayfish coconut curry

2. Traditional roasted crayfish soup

3. Crayfish ceviche

4. Grilled crayfish with pineapple grapefruit and mint cilantro salsa

5. Green banana cooked in lime and coconut milk

6. Sorrel holiday drink

7. Cocoa bean dessert