Chiang Dao, Thailand

Michael’s Menu

Personal item: Grinder

1. Ground snake dip with vegetables

2. Tomato and eggplant dip

3. Rice with condiments

4. Greek‐style Snake Boil

5. Braised greens with ginger

6. Mustard green salad with pineapple and chilies

Madison’s Menu

Personal item: Corn flour

1. Thai green salad with coriander chips

2. Whole crispy fried bat with Thai dipping sauce

3. Traditional Palong minced bat

4. Banana and pineapple curry with rice

5. Fermented soybean paste

Kayne’s Menu

Personal item: Peanut butter

1. Boiled jackfruit, sticky rice cooked in bamboo

2. Deep fried frog legs with nam prik sauce

3. Whole grilled frog with a peanut satay sauce

4. Spicy salad with a passion fruit vinaigrette

5. Winged bean and pumpkin curry

6. Frog soup with lemongrass and galanga

Chiang Dao, Thailand