Michael’s Menu

Personal item: Rice

1. Hearts of palm and orange salad

2. Squash and coconut soup

3. Baby fish in a banana leaf, grilled with herbs and lime

4. Braised iguana with coconut rice and beans

5. Fish and snail soup

Madison’s Menu

Personal item: Butter

1. Tropical fruit jerk armadillo

2. Roasted chicken soup w/ coconut lime and plantain dumplings

Kayne’s Menu

Personal item: Masa

1. Homemade tortillas

2. Minted masa porridge with wild bananas and sugar cane

3. A selection of tamales:

  • Ember‐roasted squash tamales
  • Cahun cabbage tamales
  • Gibnut tamales
  • Gibnut and cahun cabbage tamales
  • Fresh black bean tamales cooked in gibnut stock
  • Black bean and cahun cabbage tamales

4. Traditional gibnut soup with achiote paste and black pepper leaves