Cooking turtles in Louisiana

The fan boats in Louisiana are incredible!  You don’t realize how loud, strong, and fast they are until you’re on one, going full speed across the water.  You almost feel like you’re flying!

Living in: New Orleans


Fear and Boating in the Bayou

Every situation on “No Kitchen Required” has pressure moments. It’s a tough physical test! In Louisiana we were in the bayou all day looking for crawfish, which was really hard.

New Orleans is wild about pho


A Hawaiian Helicoptor ride

Hawaii was awesome! The helicopter ride we took in Hawaii was so amazing!!! We flew across some beautiful volcanoes, mountains and deep into valleys laden with waterfalls and fauna. Just stunning!

Magical experiences in Hawaii

This was the first time I had been to Hawaii, a destination which had always seemed so remote from London, my hometown.  It was surprising how much their culture was influenced by their neighbors, the  Maoris and Fijians.

Kauai’s hidden adventures


Roasting a hog in Hawaii

Hawaii was amazing!

Fiji: Diversity of People and Diversity of Food

What a mix the people of Fiji are!  From Melanesian to Polynesian and influenced by the Dutch, British and Indians — I felt completely at home amongst this culture being of diverse descent myself.

Spearfishing in Fiji

Spearfishing was really difficult with the sling style gun.

I really struggled to get it to work well which caused me to use a lot energy, which in turn meant less time underwater trying to catch fish. Thankfully my guide was so patient and committed to helping me get it nailed.