Cooking in the snow

Definitely the most important thing my guide taught me when hunting was that if you do not succeed on the first try do not give up hope. The warrior way!

Feeling like a kid again on horseback

Our arrival in New Mexico  was my first time ever riding bareback on a horse.  It was one of those experiences where I felt like a child again, and made me realize that as we get older, we often forget about the innocence of our ...

Archery and Horseback Riding in New Mexico

The Chiricahua Apache are very reserved and quiet, by nature.  At times I felt that perhaps we had intruded in on their very close-knit community.  Of course, they assured us, that we were absolutely welcome!

Worldwide weird: A bird made entirely of bread


Riding in longboats on the ocean

Arriving in Koh Lanta on a longboat was another great experience. It taught me a lot about Koh Lanta and how the locals utilized these boats as both a tool for hunting and as a source of transportation.

Humble people and Simple food of Koh Lanta

Of all the tribes and indigenous people we met, The Urak Lawoi led the most simple life.  They do not have much, yet they appeared to live happy and fortuitous lives.

Heading to Thailand? A fish feast for smoother skin


Language Barriers in Koh Lanta

This was a tough one for us because of the language barrier. Unlike northern Thailand where translation was a one-step process, in Koh Lanta we had to do double translations – first, from the Urak Lawoi language into Thai, and ...

Let the good times roll!

The environment of the Bayou, was like nothing I have ever experienced in the USA before.  I was blown away by its beauty.  Trust me when all you’ve seen of the States is NYC and LA, this place was a hidden gem.

New Orleans’ burger boom